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DokuWiki as an open source alternative to Roam Research
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Subject: DokuWiki as an open source alternative to Roam Research
Roam Research ( is gaining some attention as a revolutionary way to organize thoughts and ideas by connecting them through backlinks, so that you suddenly can see how information is related and find back to it in new contexts. At the moment, there are some open source tools that have somewhat similar functionality (…), but it seems that DokuWiki actually can be a nice competitor!

In this thread, I was hoping that we could describe/make instructions for a DokuWiki setup with functionality close to Roam Research - I think that can make more/a new group of people interested in DokuWiki!

These features should be easy to set up:
  • Markdown: plugin:markdowku
  • Autocomplete: plugin:linksuggest
  • Add note button: plugin:bureaucracy
    • Quickadd: use a timestamp as filename
  • Add journal note: plugin:bureaucracy + plugin plugin:pagemod
    • Lives in the journal namespace, one page per day, use pagemod to append to the current date
  • List backlinks at the bottom of page: plugin:backlinks + plugin:headerfooter2

Should be possible:
  • Manage todo/tasks
  • Show all related notes: include the content of all notes linking to this note (for printing for example)
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