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Farm using farmer plugin - animals internal links point to farmer not themselves
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Subject: Farm using farmer plugin - animals internal links point to farmer not themselves
I think I'm probably being stupid and missing something obvious, but have been going round in circles most of this morning.

In summary, I've tried to create a farm using the farmer plugin, but although animals are created successfully all the links they contain (Admin link, Create Page, the target of the login form etc) point to the farmer rather than themselves, making the thing unusable. I'm at a loss, because I don't know what those URL's within animals within a farm setup created through the plugin should even be, so examples or any suggestions as to where I might have gone wrong would be really welcome.

The long and rambling version:

It's a new dokuwiki installation (Greebo) with the farmer plugin installed. I can create an animal through the plugin as a closed wiki and I get its login page when I go to its URL, but can't log in as the admin user I set up when configuring it. I've double and triple checked the password, and even manually copied the one for a farm wiki user over to it in users.auth.php of the animal, just to be sure, but to no avail. However, I can log in using credentials for the farm wiki even though the URL of the page is still that of the animal. I therefore conclude that it's querying users.auth.php for the farm rather than the animal. I have proved this by putting the config line for the animal's user from the animal's users.auth.php into the farm's, which suddenly lets me log in, but takes me to the farm wiki, despite the URL being that of the animal.

If instead I set up an animal as an open wiki and make the current user its admin, the link to the animal works fine, I see the animal, but all the links (admin, create page etc) seem to point to the farm wiki.

I suspect these two things are related and the target of the login form, like the links, is pointing to the wrong place, but I'm working blind because I don't know what they should be, let alone what might have caused this. Any hints would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks,

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