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Forum performance and other
Explanations at Andi's blog
BlackFog #1
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Subject: Forum performance and other
Look at andi's blog:… maybe someone has a server to donate? I haven't sry, but I will try to donate something via PayPal...

A.Friend #2
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I made a suggestion. Perhaps this is a sollution. I hope Andi understood what I mean, in the other way I hope he contact me in german via email.

just trying to be no longer a newbie
andi (Administrator) #3
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Hi and thanks for your offers.

A.Friend: I read your offer, many thanks. However your proposed solution will not fix the problem. My Server is under heavy load not only because of the forum but because of all services together. In fact the forum currently has low impact on the server performance as it new and has relatively few users (but I expect that to change over the time).

The problem are all service together (wiki, bugtracker, darcs repositiory, my personal site, etc.). I don't want to spread those services on multiple servers. It would increase the amount of administrative work and it's even not possible for some services because they depend on each other (eg. wiki and bugtracker). BTW. I loathe those cheap webhosting or vhost offers. In my experience you get the service you pay for. I'm running my own hardware for exactly this reason.

As I already wrote in my blog I will buy a new server anyway. The only question is how to distribute some of it's cost to the users of the server. I don't want to run a donation marathon because I don't want to ask  the smaller users (like you two above) for money - but I have no trouble asking bigger enterprises for a whole server. This was my first idea - til now no big fish has bitten ;-).

My second idea was to use Adsense because it's a way to get money from the bigger corporations on the indirect way. I estimate I could make about 50 to 100$ per month from having a single Adsense banner on the wiki. This would mean the server would repay itself in one to three years without anyone needing to spend a dime.

Adsense ads are pretty unobstrusive (I wouldn't opt for image ads - text ads only). They are in most cases relevant to the content and are really easily blocked (eg. using adblock for Firefox) if you really don't like them.

I haven't made up my mind about this yet and I will discuss this at the mailing list as well. I just wanted to give some feedback on your generous offers.
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