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removing access levels for a certain namespace
skywalker #1
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Subject: removing access levels for a certain namespace
I have the main group 'A' where all users inside this group have full access to the wiki (namespace *). Now I have one user (group) that should have the same rights as users from group 'A' but without access to a certrain namespace that is below namespace *.
In the wiki it is easy to make new groups or new rules for certain namespaces to allow the users of this group to access this namespace or a single site. I could make one new group and add each new toplevel namespace but the one I don't want to give access to but there should be some better way to do this.
What I need is that a user or group has the same rights like group 'A' but with changed access rights to a underlying namespace without touching the definition of group 'A'.

Every hint is appreciated

koko #2
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The only way I can think of to get this done is to give the group 'B' seperate acces to all the namespaces. Only for the certain namespace which have to be secured, you don't give them access. In this wiki I think you can't say 'give them access to all pages but one'.

For detailed info, check:
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