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copyright.txt.lock failed
peterd #1
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Subject: copyright.txt.lock failed
Hello DokuWiki folks,

I'm a new Linux user (though have been working w/ PCs for a very long time).  I've
installed DokuWiki on a new release of Ubuntun Dapper.  I've switched the template
to the Wikipedia lookalike.  On my first create I get an error:
    writing /var/www/dokuwiki/data/pages/wiki/copyright.txt.lock failed
I'm going to assume this is because I'm still not used to the various permission settings
required by Linux and Linux programs.


REVISION:  ok, maybe it's not permissions.  I'm thinking now I just haven't
completed the general configuration.  Will keep trying...
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patc #2
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Subject: us too
Did you find out the cause?  We moved our wiki to a new server, same problem.  Don't see any permissions issues.
benpollinger #3
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Is it a PHP safemode issue? I've had similar errors on hosts where UID checking was set to GID (or was it not set?)

The main splitbrain wiki has various problems/solutions relating to this.

Good luck!
chi #4
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I think you need to check your permissions again. /data/pages/wiki is not writeable by your webserver.

chmod 777 /data/pages/wiki

or better

chown <webservers-username>:<webservers-groupname> /data/pages/wiki

should help.
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