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Need help on formatting
Within tables and other tags
Lucas #1
User title: VIF Internet Technician
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Subject: Need help on formatting
Hello there!

There's one thing that's unfortunately getting on my nerves with DokuWiki... Some tags seem to disable other formatting completely. For example, something as easy as the following simply does not work:
==== //Italic// or **Bold** headers don't work. [[Links]] either! ====

It'll just show a header saying exactly "//Italic// or **Bold** headers don't work. [[Links]] either!"

This problem became very annoying for me when I installed a custom plugin called "exttab1" by wflamme (see ). Why I needed a plugin for this is beyond me, but that's not my point here.

Within the tables, no wiki code is rendered. Now I first assumed this was because wflamme had forgotten something, but then I realized that it probably wasn't his fault - default behavior in the code created this problem.

Now, I'm asking if anyone is able to either fix the default dokuwiki behavior so that formatting code and links (at the very least) are rendered in *any* other tags, or as a patch method, that wflamme's "extended" table syntax (which I think should be integrated as default in the next version of dokuwiki) permits this.

I realize that I could probably fix this myself, however I have enough work editing my company's wikipage with tons of information that I alone seems to have the ability to write properly, so I cannot spend hours sorting through syntax manuals and obscure code to do this myself. I also know I might seem to come across as slightly arrogant, but that's only because I'm annoyed and frustrated at small bugs that seem to be plaguing me with dokuwiki... I personally would much rather use mediawiki, but I don't take decisions in the company (I'm just a data monkey with benefits, I guess).
mwsasser #2
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  Did you ever find a fix for using === headers inside [[links?]]
bbolman #3
Member since Oct 2006 · 18 posts
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This is something I was wondering about too. I would LOVE to use links inside of headers, and bold/italic/underline in headers too. Is there any current way to do this?
andi (Administrator) #4
User title: splitbrain
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Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
mwsasser #5
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Well.... phooey.
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