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Run DokuWiki offline
bof #1
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Subject: Run DokuWiki offline
Sorry to ask, but I have spent quite a few hours doing RTFM and STFW as you suggest, but still can't figure this one out.
I am running DW very successfully on my personal domain webspace provider but would also like to be able to install Dokuwiki on my laptop so I can use it when I have no connection to the internet. I plan to copy the data files from my Internet DW to the Laptop version on a regular basis.
I am running Ubuntu with Gnome desktop. Can you tell me where to install Dokuwiki and how to make sure I have installed the essential processes?

If this question should be more properly addresses to a Linux forum can you tell me what processes are required for DW. If I say "It needs Apache and php" will that make sense to anybody who might advise me?

jroeterd #2
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Andi added a zip file. Not current anymore but usefull.

andi (Administrator) #3
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Uhm, I don't think this is was bof asked for.

If I understand you correctly you ask how to install DokuWiki on Ubuntu? It could be possible that there exists a DokuWiki package for Ubuntu which is installable through apt-get or it's graphical equivalent (synaptics?). For installing it manually (probably better if you like a current release) just install the apache or apache2 package and the php4 or php5 package. Then follow the description

If you need help setting up Apache and PHP I'd recommend asking in the Ubuntu forums, but do a search before, this is probably described somewhere at their sites already.

If this is not what you asked for you should clarify.
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
bof #4
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Thanks Andi.
I followed your advice to install Apache2 and php5 and then installed DW. I had a struggle to find the correct folder in which to install DW (var/www/ in Ubuntu) and then how to give all the folders the right permissions but managed it all ok in the end.
I then copied just the data pages from the web to the laptop pages folder and it all works brilliantly :)
I now have RC3 on the laptop and RC2 on the web so my next job is to upgrade the web version to RC3 and then find a way to keep the two versions synchronised. I can do this manually of course, using gFTP, but will probably see if I can use rsync or similar.

Thanks again for your quick response.
dmanthei #5
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Subject: Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I can't find any similar ones...
bof, have you successfully implemented a system of offline editing for your DokuWiki?

I've been tasked with creating a knowledge base/document repository for the company (3 employees),
and it's looking like DokuWiki is the best/slickest option for us,
but we need the ability to edit files offline and then sync once back online.

Rsyncing the data pages seems like it should work,
but it's not quite perfect, as if two of us modify a file and then sync,
we'd end up with overwritten data.

I think I might start a new thread on this...
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