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Personal microblog
williamx #1
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Subject: Personal microblog
Is it in some way possible now to have a personal microblog on dokuwiki?

What I want is a page with a simple form or something, where I just enter what I do or similar, and it gets added to a certain page in chronological order. The time is added automatically.

Something like this:

12:55 - Working on thesis...
13:56 - Time for coffee

and so on...

What I want with this is to have some kind of journal where I can easily track my work. I have looked at the blog-module, but it seems too much for this simple purpose.
chi #2
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Maybe the discussion plugin could suit your needs?
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g1smd #3
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How about embedding a Twitter timeline box into the page?

There's a load of those already available, in various styles.
ezuk #4
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Subject: +1 to this wish

I second this wish.

I cannot use Twitter or a similar service because it's for my company intranet. My boss wants to create an internal microblog, but without introducing _another_ platform -- just using Dokuwiki, because that's what we use for everything else internally.

I envision a one-line form where I can write something and hit "Submit" and it gets added on as the first line of a page with continual updates from all users. Twitter, in short. :)
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