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Dwf... cookie
Dokuwiki hangs, cookies implicated?
dugeen #1
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Subject: Dwf... cookie
Hello all

I'm trying to pin down a hanging problem with our Dokuwiki wiki (server fails to respond to requests until cookies are deleted or session closed).

I've noticed that all successful requests appear to be associated with a pair of cookies Dokuwiki and Dwf1662...(long hex code, always the same from same client) .

All requests which hung were accompanied by a Dokuwiki cookie only.

What is the purpose of the Dwf... cookie? Is there a list of all cookies used by Dokuwiki anywhere?
andi (Administrator) #2
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The DokuWiki cookie is the cookie set by the PHP session mechanism. For authentication, DokuWiki uses a cookie prefixed with DW followed by an MD5 sum identifying this particular DokuWiki install. For storing certain user preferences DokuWiki sets another cookie through JavaScript - this one is called DOKU_PREFS.

The hanging could mean that your auth backend (what do you use?) may be very slow or having problems. Once the authentication is done (indicated theough th DW* cookie) your auth backend is not queried anymore and everything should be fast again.
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dugeen #3
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Thanks for this, it's good to get the problem pinned down to one area.

Unfortunately I don't administer the web server in question (IIS). I assume the authentication method is the default one for IIS. I'm waiting to hear back from the web people.
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