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bulk group edit plugin
jas #1
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Subject: bulk group edit plugin
I'm looking for a simple plugin that would enable bulk editing of local DokuWiki groups.  I would like to be able to see a list of internal groups (as seen in the "Groups" column of the built-in user-manager plugin).  When I click on one of the groups, I get a text box containing one user per line.  I am then able to edit the list, and save, and the groups get added/deleted to all the users at the same time.  It's probably a relatively simple plugin to write.  It's important to be able to edit in a list so that changes can be made in bulk - cut and pasted from elsewhere.  It would be most ideal if this were actually submitted as a patch to the existing user manager since this functionality seems to belong there. 

Thanks for any help you can provide...
randomgurn #2
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I wrote a plugin to help me with group management... it doesn't do exactly what you are asking for below, but it may still be useful to you.

Essentially, I modified the standard user management plugin to allow me to add and remove users from a group.  Underneath the "Add user" box, I've added a "Modify group membership" section: this allows you to specify a group name, and then a comma-separated list of users.  You can then choose to add/remove all of these members to/from the group.

If you are interested, I can post the code to you.

JAza #3
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10 years later and this still seems missing. @randomgurn Could you post the code here please?  Or perhaps turn it into a plugin?

To the DW maintainers - Unless I've managed to overlook it both in the UI and docs, I don't know how such a seemingly basic feature is missing from user management all these years.  Please consider adding this asap. 
I don't imagine it being difficult.  As it stands in user manager you have checkboxes for multi-select.  Need a button for 'add to groups' and a button for 'remove from groups', and a field to type (or select from existing) groups to act on.

Managing more than 2 or 3 users the current way seems tedious, more than 10 painful.  Beyond that - geez.

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