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Dokuwiki on "Free.Fr"  - Howto & User feedback
I am going to report my success, difficulties and solutions to run DokuWiki on "Free.Fr"
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Subject: Dokuwiki on "Free.Fr"  - Howto & User feedback
I successfully installed
Dokuwiki 2008-05-05 with patch ( by xcopying the patched files ) by

This is the error message I got when starting, first:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/serverpath/sessions/sess_52adc135e20e004f209752abfe170be8, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /serverpath/dokuwiki/inc/init.php on line 108

Now I created the directory
in the root directory of my Free.Fr account.
Remember that this directory is OUTSIDE and ABOVE the directory where dokuwiki is stored ( /dokuwiki ). This indicates that Dokuwiki likes implicitely to be installed in the root directory, of course.

Be careful if you upload the DokuWiki system with an FTP client with "Force Lowercase Remote Names", as at least one important file

must have uppercase letters.

Free.Fr has no Rewrite Module activated, so the only chance to get pretty URLs is to configure "conf/dokuwiki.php" like this
$conf['userewrite']  = 2; //this makes nice URLs: 0: off 1: .htaccess 2: internal
$conf['useslash']    = 1;                //use slash instead of colon? only when rewrite is on

I will report here any future progress. Dokuwiki is running now basically on my Free.Fr account. Lets see what else difficulties will arise.

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