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Greetings from Finnish Tolkien fans
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Subject: Greetings from Finnish Tolkien fans
Hello! I'm founder and administrator of the longest running Tolkien site in Finland. For a while we had an issue with the placement of some content: we did have a MediaWiki installation running for our more serious wiki project, yet there was a need for placing some lighter community content into a wiki, thus all kinds of unwanted stuff got alongside the Wikipedia style Tolkien encyclopedia. MediaWiki being a very heavy software and hard to integrate wasn't a solution that I wanted for an other wiki, thus I first tried out WordPress, but users didn't quite like it: making pages was simply too hard. Wiki style linking has some big advantages for regular users. Thus earlier this month I started looking for a new software and ended up trying DokuWiki.

This far I've been very pleased with the software, being unbloated with easy user integration it really fits the need of a lightweight community wiki. It also does some things far easier than MediaWiki does, for example attaching files is superior. I've also come to like DokuWiki syntax more than MediaWiki, and customization wasn't a big deal which is a good plus. The templating system fits very well with my own template system.

The site itself is called Kontu, meaning The Shire that you probably know from LotR books and/or movies. We provide a lot of news, community activities such as forums and meetings, IRC chat, gallery for images, and members of the site have also organized a registered society to ensure future of everything. Technically speaking the site is running a quite massive integration originating from a phpBB2 forum, today fitting together MediaWiki, WordPress, Pixelpost, DokuWiki as well as a good amount of custom code. The templating system is a simple PHP function template that lets me control design from one place and it is to be site wide. Currently we are moving to a new less cluttered design, but MediaWiki is still running the old design by default. A new modern forum design is also in the works, currently I've set an older phpBB2 style design as it was easier to integrate to the new design than the last design that simply became too cluttered both visually and technically. It wasn't all bad though, the frontpage was very original for a forum and also worked very well.

Finally, here is the address to the DokuWiki installation:
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