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Adding image and other files to a DocuWiki page
How do I expand the file types?
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Subject: Adding image and other files to a DocuWiki page
I have been able to upload gif, jpg, png, and PDF files to the DocuWiki site for my employer, using the "Add images and other files" icon from the edit page.  This opens the Mediafile Selection window.  But for certain kinds of files, when I try an upload I get an error message saying the file extension is forbidden.

Why?  Is a plugin available to allow me to post other kinds of files, or some other method I can use to work around this restriction?  I would like to be able to create an online help file--CHM, or Compiled HTML--using RoboHelp, and then post this CHM file as part of an internal link on a docuwiki page.  If that works for a PDF file, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work for CHM.  I could experiment with creating an external link to a chm file but my first choice would be to be able to provide it internally.

Thanks for your help.
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There is a mime.conf file in the /conf/ folder, where allowed extensions are defined.

You can create a mime.local.conf file in that folder, which will serve as additional file extensions and not be overwritten in case you need to upgrade DokuWiki.
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