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My "Vision" of a DokuWiki Template
support of mobile phones, variable screen sizes of standard notebooks and desktop PCs, printers, screen readers with one template
hemmerling #1
User title: Rolf Hemmerling, Germany
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Subject: My "Vision" of a DokuWiki Template
though I don´t have PHP knowledge at this time, here is my "vision" to discuss, about a perfect DokuWiki Template:

  - It can offer different layouts for
      *mobile phones ( Android, Iphone )
      *variable screen sizes of standard notebooks and desktop PCs
      *printers (!)
      *screen readers ( accessibility)

At this moment, the simple approach would be to offer 4 Dokuwiki interfaces, by uploading DokuWiki 4 times, each time with a different template
and to write 4 templates ( as good as you can ).

For example, a sidebar might not be useful to use on a small mobile device, nor on a printing of a website page. The mobile version might contain less pictures, or pictures of smaller sizes, "no advertising" ( has such a feature for an extra print page option :-) ) ect.

But the drawback: as there is just ONE search engine, each contents must be indexed as unique item,
so that the user of a mobile device might find first the page with the standard interface, by search engine. So that he does not use the proper interface...

And you need a cache for each Dokuwiki engine. ect... ( while one single pages directory is ok ).

I am not Apache-Rewrite expert ( and so I prefer non-rewrite solutions if possible ). Nevertheless is there any simple solution with Apache-Rewrite for that ?!

I looked at most free templates, there is no tendency to offer such a "2-or-more-view" templates.
Is it just that nobody tried, or does this idea demand too much IT professionality, or just does nobody has urgend need for that ?  Or did just nobody "pay" for it, by asking professional developers, among large companies who work DokuWIki.

In fact, how if not with Javascript, shall a website detect if a device with totally different needs for display is arriving ?

I understand that the meta header of a standard DokuWiki page already contains referers to 3 different stylesheets
<link rel="stylesheet" media="all" type="text/css" href="/lib/exe/css.php?s=all&amp;t=mytemplate" />
<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" href="/lib/exe/css.php?t=mytemplate" />
<link rel="stylesheet" media="print" type="text/css" href="/lib/exe/css.php?s=print&amp;t=mytemplate" />
, thats great anyhow.

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dominik #2
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if it is enought for you to change the css of the side for the different devices (pc, mobile, printer etc) you can use the link tag.

The media attribute specefies the output device (see
I think with it you can reach some of the goals.
antoris #3
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This something i'm working on atm.

I have succeeded partially. Atm, my Dynamic Template can handle 4 different resolutions for computers. I am working towards the Web 2.0 version of the template soon. If anyone is interested in my progress, check my thread, ask questions, I'll gladly pass along information that I have.
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