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Usage questions: downloads & private
downloading text to local and private documents
GMW #1
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Subject: Usage questions: downloads & private
Hi Folks,
Im new to DOKU but am about to try it out.
I have some urgent questions - If anyone can answer ANY of these questions - even separately, Id apreciate it

I have a small (~6) group that needs to work on a set of documents for a project
(1) The usage has to be REALLY simple -
ie simple for them to login and edit - so far my reading of DOKU indicates its OK for this
(2)  How do users in the group "download" a page from DOKU.
eg they download to their computer to read or make changes.
(3) Most use MS-Word (yuk) - can they download/upload easily
Basically we have a set of Word documents I will upload and we will all collaborate.
(4) This needs to be a Private group - ie the documents not public - is that possible?
ie The site will be set up on my server - but the documents should be "hidden" from public view - only seen by those logged in

If DOKU is not suited to this please let me know and maybe suggest an alternative??

Regards to all
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purplepaisley #2
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My knowledge/usage of Dokuwiki is limited in that I don't use many plugins for my own purposes, I use mostly basic functionality of Dokuwiki.

1. I'd agree that usage is simple, login and editing.
2. Pages aren't typically downloaded in the manner you seem to mean. They're edited via webpage. The content is stored in plain text files on the server. It is possible to download and edit the text files, but with multiple users it defeats the file locking and presents more complications in usage.
3. There is a Word macro for converting to dokuwiki markup, I haven't used this personally. This exports, I doubt it imports to Word. I can't see how you would collaborate with Dokuwiki trying to use Word.
4. Group permissions for private pages are possible, yes.

If you are limited to using MS Word for editing, I'd suggest a Windows based collaboration tool. That's just my two cents. There might be a WYSIWIG editor plugin I think, but that is not something I've any firsthand knowledge of.

If you testdrive in the Dokuwiki playground, you'll get a better idea of the typical usage of Dokuwiki.
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Thanks Purplepaisley (great name),
Some of that helps - thanks

I dont need to edit in MSWord online.
Its just I have Word documents I will upload - thats OK I can/will do that.
From then we will edit the docs etc online using DOKU.
BUT - if someone wants to copy that document to local and read it or discuss etc outside the group they need to get a copy from the server onto their local machine. AND get into a wordprocessor.
Later they may also want to upload a new version - as a new doc for discussion maybe.

I was just looking for a way for them to simply download a copy from DOKU - even I would like to do that.
While I dont mind cut and paste - a download method is neater :)

Hope that explains what Im after.
I was going to use Google Documents - I would just like more control over my project :)

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