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Tailoring index and start
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topaz505 #1
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Subject: Tailoring index and start
Can someone please explain two (and a half)  basic things to me:

1. How do you edit the Start Page (where is it ?!) to create a nice Home Page for my wiki?

1a. What is the relation between the Start Page and the Index?

2. Can I associate a particular "home page" to a User Group or a User ?
    At login, I would like user_group_A to go to one part of the wiki; user_group_B to another.

Sorry if these are trivial q's but I have scoured the doc/tuts/forums and cannot find answers.
(That does not mean they do not exist . . .)
koko #2
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1. just push the 'edit' button no? This buttons is placed at the left (top and bottom). But only if you are logged in I think in the beginning.

1a. euhm, the start page is shown in the index, no more relation...

2. This question was here before and I don't think there is such a possibility yet. But you can always write a plugin to do so :-D I'll check this thing.
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zyberdog #3
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In reply to post #1
2. Think this plugin,, at least mostly covers what you are asking for.
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