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Trouble after php upgrade
trouble after upgrading php4 to php5 and much changes
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Subject: Trouble after php upgrade
I feel I'm so stupid.  I used to have a working dokuwiki on mac os x (mac ports apache2 + php4).  After I have played with it a lot, I have upgraded php4 to php5 (php 5.2.0).  Not only that.  I have installed mod_fastcgi and stuffs to play with ruby. 

After a while, I have found out that my dokuwiki doesn't work.  Instead of showing "start" it's looking for a page titled "1" although I have "start.txt" and after I update the page "1", it displays page "1".  In addition, whatever link I click, whether it's on a same namespace or not, it just reloads the page "1".

I have lost track of what I have changed.  Any idea which should I look into, like php.ini or http.conf or something else?  And, which part of the conf file should I look?  I have may data on my wiki, and I'm getting crazy because I can't use it.  Even downgrading the php and restoring all previous confs doesn't help...
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Try a fresh install of the latest version of DW.  You don't need to overwrite your current DW, simply point the data configuration setting at the location of your wiki pages.  Any modifications to the wiki pages made by one DokuWiki will be visible to the other.

Now you can access your wiki data and work on determining which of your customisations is causing the problem.
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