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Cache Revisions Eraser working in Windows environment? - SOLVED with new version 1.5.1
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Subject: Cache Revisions Eraser working in Windows environment? - SOLVED with new version 1.5.1
I'm trying to get the plugin Cache and Revisions Eraser version 1.4.3 working in a Windows environment.

I've installed the plugin as described. After clicking the "Erase all cache" button I get a success message saying "Cache has been erased successfully." but in fact no file in dokuwiki\cache\ has been deleted.

After clicking "Erase all old revisions" I get the error messages "Couldn't remove directory" followed by a long line containing 10 times '/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*' and the message "Error erasing all revisions, check file permitions."

As I'm using a local test environment, I've granted all possible permissions to all existing users in the dokuwiki directory and all of its subdirs and files. Dokuwiki is installed in a dokuwiki directory below Inetpub\wwwroot; no directory settings are made in conf\local.php.

do=check brings up the following:

"DokuWiki version: Release 2006-11-06
PHP version 5.2.0
Changelog is writable
Datadir is writable
Attic is writable
Mediadir is writable
Cachedir is writable
Lockdir is writable
conf/users.auth.php is not writable
mb_string extension not available - PHP only replacements will be used
Debugging support is enabled. If you don't need it you should set $conf['allowdebug'] = 0
Your current permission for this page is 255
The current page is writable by the webserver
The current page is writable by you"

conf/users.auth.php is not writable - this is probably because I do not use such file, authentication is done via MySQL.

Probably there is a simple solution to this but after searching and trial and error approach for some hours, I ran out of ideas what might be wrong. Any input is more than welcome.
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