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Ticket System (or similar)
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Subject: Ticket System (or similar)
I'm looking for a plugin that can be used as ticket or support system.

The general Idea is simple: Create a page (in a writable namespace) that can be read only be the user who created it and some configured users / groups (the support team).
With that you can use the discussion and/or task plugin to realize a support system.

Maybe it would be enough to add a tag to a page {{readonly:[USERNAME]}}

A user will create a new task (page) "my request" in the namespace :support:tickets:my_request
Only the user itself and the supporter will see this new topic in his task list. No other users have permissions to read in the page :support:tickets:my_request
Now the support team can set the state of the ticket or add discussions to the support request that also can only be seen by the user who created it.
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It is an old post but nobody answered so far. Therefore I want to provide you two plugins probably solving your whishes:

For easy but flexible issue tracking.

and similar dokumicrobugtracker:
Allows creation of a simple bug tracker

If your whishes are fullfilled by one of these plugins you could add a [solved] in front of the headline.
best regards
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