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FreeMind on a Hosted Server (siteground)
A newbie plea-- how do I get FreeMind activated on a hosted site
S. Pike Hall #1
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Subject: FreeMind on a Hosted Server (siteground)
I am really looking forward to learning to use, format, template and etc Dokuwiki. I'm not new to wiki's however, I've used Zwiki on Plone and one or two others.

My greatest excitement with DokuWiki has been the prospect of using FreeMind.

Today's experience... I'd worked patiently, I thought, to set up my siteground site, generally. This morning I finally felt ready to set up Dokuwiki and its FreeMind attachments (freemind.jsp and the flash "attachment").

Anyway here's what finally transpired after several back and forths with tech support.

I am working in dokuwiki and addressing its support files.

the FreeMind mind map is produced by java but is readable either by FreeMind, another java application or Flash.

From within the Dokuwiki window I typed in the following file getting message:


Instead of reporducing the which is in the media folder dokuwiki error message was as follows:
"Flash plugin or Javascript are turned off. Activate both and reload to view the mindmap? [without the quotes]

I evidently need to change the Flash and Javascript files from "off" to "on". I guessed that that change might involve changing file permissions but could not find either one to do so.

You can see the instruction on my Wiki (Uniqwiki) "start" page. if you put the page in 'edit' mode you will see what I typed in. ( is stored in the MediaFiles) .

I hope that this gives you enough information.

Tech support recommended that i come here, where expertise might be able to handle the situation.

I'll appreciate any and all knowledgeable help.

Thanks,  in advance.

Spike Hall

S. Pike Hall
Idealist & TechnoAppreciator
risoto2000 #2
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Subject: Freemind works in siteground (
Hi, I just install the freemind plugin in my wiki and it works fine (Siteground is my hosting), all you have to do is this:

1. upload de .mm file just like uploading a picture

2. include the following code:


the first part is for the size, and the last part is the name of the mind map that you want to put in your wiki.

you can see this working in:

Horacio, wiki administrator
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