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First Introduction - WayneLN
Dokuwiki and Business
wayneLN #1
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Subject: First Introduction - WayneLN
Good evening everyone, another newbie user of DokuWiki from the UK, London in fact. I am interested in using DokuWiki primarily as part of a knowledge base in two situations.

Firstly I'm the Chairman and Webmaster for a UK sailing association. Here I am trying to use DokuWiki as a reference source and it is part of a fairly typical web environment with HTML/Java driven web pages and a forum built in phpBB3. A Wiki is the latest development I am trying to include. The user base is interested in sailing, not computing, so things have to be simple, intuitive and fun.

My second situation is more unusual and I have read with some interest, the discussions about the use of DokuWiki in a business environment. I have built a website as above, put up a forum, again using phpBB3 and have installed Dokuwiki, with the intention that all three together form the core of a technical knowledge base.

So why DokuWiki? Well I looked at PMwiki and Mediawiki, in fact I uploaded and configured Mediawiki first, as it looked the most common option and seems widely used. Actually it is far to complicated and difficult to administer as a private wiki. Much to my surprise it has no admin management system. PMwiki looked promising and I installed and tested both Dokuwiki and PMwiki in a local environment. However, I found DokuWiki easier to administer and some of the functionality better suited our needs, but PMwiki also looks a good application.

I have uploaded, installed and configured DokuWiki to the hosting server without difficultly, albeit it is currently just the basic system using the standard template.

Anyway we are up and running in both environments and have been for around a month. Support seems good judging by this forum and the other DokuWiki media. I'm almost certainly going to need some help as we progress with the trials.

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andi (Administrator) #2
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Welcome to the Forums :-)
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
Lies dies wenn du keine hilfreichen Antworten bekommst.
pragmatist #3
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In reply to post #1

Hi from another sailor.  If you use the YBW fora then I am pragmatist there too.  Do let us know what your sailing site is.

Kind regards
wayneLN #4
Member since Oct 2010 · 17 posts · Location: London UK
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In reply to post #1

My apologies, I've been very busy and not paying attention here, so a VERY VERY delayed reply, our sailing site is:

DokuWiki is used as a members only facility here, but has not been very successful.

However I'm just about to launch a new site built in WordPress. Now having said that it does not mean I'm not happy with DokuWiki quite the contrary. I'm using DokuWiki in a very significant corporate application environment, where it is flying, more on this later.
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