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Learning about wiki software
dsbach #1
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Subject: Learning about wiki software
I am David Bach. I work at a subsidiary of Honeywell (Alerton Controls) where we are attempting to plan a transition from print-based technical documentation to online, collaborative information. Currently, I'm examining the social and workflow impacts of online technical documentation in our department, which includes both technical documentation, face-to-face training, and self-paced, online learning.
I work in Redmond, Washington as an instructional designer (Senior eLearning Specialist, officially).
As a hobby I work with a number of open source systems (Moodle, Joomla!, Wordpress, Gallery2) and now DokuWiki.
As an insight to a newbie's ability to form too-quick judgments based on biases, I'll say that when I first researched wiki software, I immediately eliminated Dokuwiki from my short list - because it didn't use a database. A reason for this was security (it's important in our environment not only to limit editors, but to shield our information from public view). Another was that a database makes a lot of sense. Now that I have jumped into Dokuwiki, I'm amazed, impressed and pleased with the ease of using this powerful software. I'm happy I reconsidered.
wayneLN #2
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Interesting to see someone else using DokuWiki in a corporate context. I am using it in a Transport Systems environment. 5,000 employees, we are using DokuWiki as a part of a Technical Knowledge Base for the Engineering department around 1,000 employees in this function. We are already at 5,000 pages, 5,000 images and attached files, so far everything remains stable. We may be heading towards a 50,000 page implementation. It is still early days, we are only a few months into the project so far.

I have very recently started to talk and support Andi, because Wiki based technology becoming a business critical system for us.

So far we are doing very well, the user base is working well with the system, we have uncovered a couple of bugs, but I will report on them elsewhere, they may be due to server issues or the uploading of older Config files.
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