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Forum: private mails limited
only active members can use it
andi (Administrator) #1
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Subject: Forum: private mails limited
Because spammers recently started to use the forum's messaging function to send spam emails to registered users, I changed the function a bit.

From now on, newly registered users can not use the messaging function right away. To be able to send emails through the forum system you need to

  • be registered for at least 14 days
  • have written at least one forum post

This will hopefully limit the usability for spammers while keeping the functionality for our active forum members.
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Taggic (Moderator) #2
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Great idea, but I'm registered since two days and you gave me the hint to mail somebody.
The mail feature told me that I'm not allowed and now I know why.
So I would have to wait patiently another 12 days. I wish I had such patience ...

Could you do me two favours, please:
 - post somewhere that it would be a good idea, to help the forum rookies  at the beginning, to establish the contact instead of forwarding to a function what cannot be used ?
- ask str if he can send me some contact details

BTW, thanks for your help on my topics.

best regards
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Casper #3
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I think Andis approach is good.

This is an easy implementation and hopefully blocks most spam.

Posting details here is ok as I think those spaming happens automated and is not dokuwiki specific. I don't think that users registered manually and read posts in here.

Also new members could wondering why they can't use this feature. A hint to the user in anyway should be given.
willemelis #4
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thx for this help :-)
sterbalr #5
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Has the amount of spam been reduced?
justjed #6
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While I recognize difficulties in dealing with spam, this approach creates the difficulty that new users are unable to reply to PMs initiated by other users. Possibly, a better method would be to restrict initiation of a PM, but still permit replies. As it is, I'm now unable to reply to a PM without exposing my e-mail address, thus giving the impression of just blowing off the message, so the sender will think maybe I'm just an inconsiderate sod.

No doubt, attempting to do this is difficult given that the PM system relies on external e-mail.

Perhaps it'd be best to also prohibit sending PMs to user who can't reply via the forum. Or maybe include a warning on the PM form when the recipient is in this restricted class.
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