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Use page headings
Config useheading doesn't work well
dibe0014 #1
User title: Ben
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Subject: Use page headings

i have problems using the "useheadings" configuration.
I set
$conf['useheading']  = 1;

but when i run a search for the first time i only see the filename. If i open the file and run the search again. i see the right name.

For example:
-First search i see: who_is_bill_gates
-than i click on the link and open the wiki entry
-second search, and i see: Bill Gates (the heading from the wiki entry)

I need to see the heading automaticially :-(
ChrisS #2
Member since Sep 2006 · 91 posts
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What version of DW are you running?
If you aren't running the latest version, you should up date to it.

There may be a lag in use first heading if you have only recently updated from a DW version which did not have metadata.  The first heading is retrieved from the page's metadata.  For efficiency reasons, the current release of DW doesn't generate fresh metadata if its not available - when its looking for first headings.

In a wiki constructed wholly after metadata was added this should never cause a problem.

To get around the lag, spider your wiki. Viewing a page will generate its metadata so there will be a first heading available for search, index, backlinks etc.  Spiders include software like HTTrack, WinHTTrack, wget and others.

Improvements have been made in this area in the development version of DW - there shouldn't be any lag.  You can get hold of the development version by following the instructions at
dibe0014 #3
User title: Ben
Member since Dec 2006 · 16 posts
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i am running the current version of DW.

I think the problem is that i create the textfiles with an other php-tool and copy them into the wiki. I thought running the indexer would also create the metafiles. But the metafiles are only created after viewing the page.

Maybe you can change the bin/indexer.php that the metafiles are also get created, like I tried to do:

    $meta = array();
    io_saveFile(metaFN($id, '.meta'), serialize(p_render_metadata($id, $meta)));

But i always run into problems when i try to create the metadata from more than 29 or 30 files.

This error appears:

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: regular expression too large at offset 0 in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Hilfewiki\inc\parser\lexer.php on line 115
andi (Administrator) #4
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This problem is probably fixed in current devel. See
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
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