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monobook sidebar adjustment
seanwilsonorg #1
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Subject: monobook sidebar adjustment
Hi all! Enjoying the monobook template very much!

I had a question about the sidebar. I wanted to modify the sidebar so that two things would happen:

1. It will extend to the top of the page as if no logo were present;

2. It will allow the table of contents for each page to appear at the top. (If you select the TOC to appear in the sidebar, it appears below the navigation box and above the tools. Wanted it on top.

With respect to 1, I see that you can put your own logo image in the user folder. I did that. First, I tried a blank file called logo.png. Then I uploaded a very small image under the same name. Much to my surprise, in both instances I found that the navigation box behaved the same, spatially. It didn't "move up." The space alloted for the logo seemed uniform no matter the size of the supposed image (even for a blank file). I did not test this outside of Chrome, so I don't know if it is a browser issue. I tried searching for the css for the <div> container that houses the png file, but had no luck. Any help on how I can have a sidebar with no logo, going all the way to the top?

I could not begin to think how to attack 2. The main.php file was a little confusing below the div container for the logo image. If I am reading it correctly (big if), it seems to speak only of navigation and toolboxes. I'm not sure where that TOC is. But anyway, my ultimate aim is a simple, clean look, that has no logo and all navigation elements on the left.

Short of that, I stuck Wittgenstein in the hole!

Thanks for any feedback.
Jako #2
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Subject: Navigation box empty
I am using monobook template.
but my navigation box is empty ? (present but empty)
What can I do to put some content in it.
Thank you for your help
Andreas (Moderator) #3
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@seanwilsonorg is this still relevant for you? You may do all of this by adding some CSS to "/monobook/user/screen.css"

BTW: The TOC comes from DokuWiki (->  tpl_content()), therefore you can't find it :-)

@Jako: Don't hijack threads. Thanks.
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