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PHP Book
Ben #1
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Subject: PHP Book

as there are quite a few PHP cracks here:

could anyone recommend a good book on PHP? I already know the basics and wrote some scripts, but i guuess all of that is either bad style or insecure or both.
Any suggestions? The book should be in german or english language.

purplepaisley #2
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I work in a training centre (I'm just office staff), there's a list of php books on the website with synopsis. Maybe it will help narrow things down a little.

These are in our library there, if you were in the UK they'd welcome you to drop in and browse. I personally use amazon reviews a lot when choosing books.
MoneyTopList #3
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I have read  PHP & MySQL for Dummies from Janet Valade. Generally, this book is good but you need to spend more time than me with this book if you want be good programmer :) I was learning a few days and I am able to edit most of the scripts from hotscripts and similar php script galleries and also create some basic scripts like contact form or very easy cms.
brainmeasures (Former member) #4
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At the intial level the book “Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL is best for PHP learning..
User title: Scott Ferguson
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In reply to post #1
There are so many good books...

In addition to books, and possibly, instead of books (which tend to be: expensive, and out-of-date by the time they are published), it might be good to read these:-
DokuWiki - Security Guidelines for Plugin Authors
The Official PHP Security Manual Note that this site has a very good online, up-to-date, free, guide to developing and learning PHP.
The Open Web Application Security Project - PHP Security Cheat Sheet
PHP Security Consortium - PHP Security Guide
This guide to Writing Secure PHP
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