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Subject: charles.minto
Hi to everyone.
My name is Charles Minto. I live in Sydney, Australia. I am born in 1961, which makes me very close to turning 50 as I write this! I am an anaesthetist (anesthesiologist). In other words, I push drugs, pass gas, and stab people in the back.

I am seriously addicted to my computer, web stuff, dokuwiki and anything open source. I have memories of trying to program in ?COBAL with punch cards in my final year of school, sitting in front of my first 8086 PC looking at the C:> prompt and wondering what do I do now, programming a total parental nutrition algorithm for premature babies in a Casio hand held back in about 1988, compiling a "monolithic" kernel with Redhat Linux on a '486 in about 1996, kind of liking Windows NT about the same time, hating Windows Vista, playing with just about every programming language I can, ... In theory, I have some outdoor hobbies, including fishing and flying sport kites, ...

I use DokuWiki for several organisations - a dozen or so different sites, but perhaps they would have been served by a "static" few pages. I really enjoy playing with DokuWiki, plugins, and just figuring out a little how it all works. I really like the include plugin and the way it respects all the ACL rules.

I probably know just enough to be really dangerous and waste heaps of my time. I figure that at least it should prevent Alzheimers setting in too early. I wasn't smart enough to come up with a catchy login or cartoon avatar. Perhaps I will be wiser after I turn 50.
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Hi, Charles. Seems we have met somewhere elese on the forum already.

The way you mention it your job looks quite fun  ;-) -- Anyway. Welcome to the forum and to the DokuWiki experience. Hope it helps making your life more interesting enough that Ms. Alzheimer keeps missing you. You seem to have lots of experience, so you should do fine.

DokuWiki is nice to serve (almost-) static content, yeah. I use it to maintain my personal page, not something that is precisely dynamic or whatever. You'll find that DokuWiki has some nifty uses. Who knows, if you ever want to set up a flying kits wiki...
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Nice to meet you Charles. I am also new here. My name is Kathleen. ;)

Quote by charles.minto on 2011-03-01, 11:23:
I am an anaesthetist (anesthesiologist). In other words, I push drugs, pass gas, and stab people in the back.

:D :D

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