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Corporate Use of Dokuwiki
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Subject: Corporate Use of Dokuwiki
Hi all,

It has been sometime since I posted here, however, we have been busy developing and building a technical knowledge base, a part of which uses DokuWiki.

We are a fairly large Public Transport company in the UK, 4,000 people, 1,000 or so in engineering who use, or will use, the system. We have spent almost a year testing and evaluating Wiki technologies to use in this context and settled on DokuWiki for the technical data content management function. It is fairly simple to set-up and administer and the user base has taken to it very well. We are at around 5,000 pages, with the same number of images and file attachments and we are far from complete. It may grow as large as 50,000 pages.

We have full time staff entering data and administering the system. We are on a dedicated server (virtual machine) with full root access, managed by the engineering function, not the IT department.

From an industry perspective, we are being seen as best practice in this regard and have a lot of interest in what and how we have done this and where we are taking it. I'm very pleased with progress so far. We have uncovered a couple of bugs which have been reported, hopefully fairly simple to address.

This is very likely to end up as a business critical system, so stability and robust operation will be important, I'm confident on performance so far this will be the case.

I'm not sure how unusual this is at the moment, large companies (particularly in non-IT industries) do not understand Open Source very well and find it difficult to engage, hopefully that is beginning to change. I think we are likely to be one of the larger users of DokuWiki, but don't really know that for sure.

I am happy to discuss this further, what we have done, how we are using DokuWiki, where I hope it goes next. However I cannot provide access to the system, it contains operationally important data.

I will try and post more regularly now we are up and running, although it remains early days.
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