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need wiki with automatic linking
cornopean #1
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Subject: need wiki with automatic linking
I use a wiki to teach languages. 
I was wondering if docuwiki would automatically link grammatical terms to a glossary defn?  So...for instance, every time the word "noun" appears, the wiki would automatically link that term to another page with the title "noun".  Is this possible?
turnermm (Moderator) #2
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I think you should be able to do this with my recently uploaded plugin textinsert:


Create an html macro for your term:

DIR_HTML    <a href=">directory</a>

Then wherever you use the word directory, instead use the macro:


You will get an internal link to the
wiki page.

And if you  want the link to show up like an internal link in color, add
Myron Turner
plugins, templates:
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jroeterd #3
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Or take a look at autohotkey ...

With hotstrings you can have the word "noun" be replaced with [[noun]] to make it a link.
Personally I use this with the letter hs before. To indicate that the replace action should be executed. So hsnoun would become [[noun]] and noun just stays noun.

You only have to create a script and add ::hsnoun::[[noun]]. You can add as many replacements as you wish.

dsalamos #4
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Subject: reopen question
is there no possibility to automatic search a text over some Page name and create links to them?
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