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Hi from Brend
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Subject: Hi from Brend
Since it is nice to introduce yourself, here goes:

I'm Brend Wanders, a Computer Science (track Human Media Interaction) student at the University of Enschede; currently finishing up my master's thesis. I work part-time at a small company that provides back-office sites and web based applications to other companies.

I've been using DokuWiki for about four years now. At first I used it just to try my hand at using a wiki for sharing of information with some friends, since then we have used it with much pleasure. I've used it to stash short assignments in first order logic, and to keep track of collaborated papers. Currently we are implementing DokuWiki at work, where it will provide a location for both documentation and help us keep track of issues and development progress.

My main interests in relation to DokuWiki are: the data plugin and using DokuWiki as a platform for web-based applications. My first interest, the data plugin, grew from an academic interest in semantic wikis and a personal interest to create better indices and have some structure in the enormous amounts of data available in most wikis (especially those hosted for a role-playing group of mine). I see the data plugin as the basis for allowing structured data editting by anyone.

My second interest, DokuWiki as a platform, is based on the fact that DW can be extended quite easily. Although an application that is specifically written for a single purpose (like a forum, or a Scrum tool) is useful, a single platform as a base for these applications is appealing. It would allow the use of a single mark-up syntax, allow easy linking to and fro, and allow all extensions written for any of the tools to (hopefully) be used equally well in the other applications.

I'm always open to discussion about either of the two mentioned topics (and most other topics as well); I would be interested in hearing from others what their experiences are with the data plugin or the use of DokuWiki as a platform (already know about the blogging).
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