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HTML Help files => Dokuwiki - ideas please
jtaubman #1
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Subject: HTML Help files => Dokuwiki - ideas please
My DokuWiki is a Knowledge base for a windows program.

I have been provided with the uncompressed html files for the html help running for the program.

I would like to include this with in the DokuWiki  - ideally with out having to convert it all to Wiki .txt files as I am likely to get regular updates to the html files as new releases are produced.  To give you an idea there are almost 500 html files in the help, and lots of images.

My current thoughts are to
   simply do a plugin to jump to the relevant page, but this would mean the search would not work.
   write something to convert all the pages (which is a lot of work)
Any ideas appreciated.

chi #2
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Quote by jtaubman:
   write something to convert all the pages (which is a lot of work)

maybe it`s not that much work ;-). There`s a HTML::WikiConverter perl module [1] available via CPAN which is able to generate a lot of different wiki markups (including DokuWiki) from html source files. You can test if it works for your files online here [2]. It shouldn`t be that hard to write a little script which converts your html pages with that (I am not sure about the images though  :rolleyes: ) The downside would be that you loose the recent changes/old revisions (it`s not impossible to generate them but I fear it`s a bit complicated), but the pages would be searchable.

Another possible solution would be to have your html help in a separate directory on your server and include it into your wiki via the iframe plugin [3].


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