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world music wiki, need help
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Subject: world music wiki, need help

My name is Angel Romero. I run World Music Central, We have dokuwiki and it is installed. I like the platform and enjoy working with it. However, there are a couple of problems related with security and user access. Our former webmaster left and he was the one that knew how to set it up. I am not a developer or programmer. I am a music journalist and do not know the programming involved. If anyone would be kind enough to help us, we need to solve a security hole and access to the wiki. My email address is angel at worldmusiccentral dot org

Thank you,

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Welcome to the dokuwiki forum

I am sure you will be able to get help on this forum.

Just post your queries in the relevant section.

I have seen my queries answered in a day or two.
Thanks in advance for reading my posts
I thought nobody would read them . . .
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No one can answer this unless you detail the problem.  So, if you need private help, then your organization should offer a bounty for local assistance.[]=bounty
Myron Turner
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