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Template focussing on relationships
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Subject: Template focussing on relationships

Does somebody know of a template that focuses on relationships between pages. I am using dokuwiki as a personal knowledge base. I have all my projects, people, snippets of information, links to webpages, local files and network files in it.

I am looking for a template that focuses less on displaying the content of a page but more on the links to and from this page. For example the backlinks on top and the links used in the page at the bottom of the screen. Mayby grouped on namespace or some other metadata.

This way it is more clear what the relationships on the current page are. Backlinks are kind of parent-pages and the links on the page are the child-pages. All relatively of the current page.

This idea came to me while using PersonalBrain software. If is in excellent in making relationships visible but the notes tool is not so good and storing everything in attachments (office files) is not what I want/need. See the images on… to see how it is visualizing the relationships between "thoughts" as they call it. 

In my mind the relations in dokuwiki are there and the potential to present them in a different way, focused on relationships instead of content is also there. Combinations with tagging could also be nice.

Recently I have begun to learn some PHP (very much beginners level) and I am nowhere close of doing this myself.

Anybody interested?

Kind regards,
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