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User Profiles
Can not update User's Full Name
skipmcf #1
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Subject: User Profiles
I'm having a problem (more accurately, one of our users is). They wanted to update their Full Name as it is miss-spelled. They've clicked on the Update Profile button, and make the correction in the Full Name field. They've entered their password and clicked on the Save button. When they go back to their profile, their Full Name is still miss-spelled.

I've gone into my profile and added a letter to my Full Name. When I go into the User Management, I see the added character. When I go back to my profile (by the Update Profile button), the added character is not there. It seems to show up in one location, but not the other.

Anyone have thoughts on this?
chi #2
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I think this is related to this bug [1], the misspelled name is still present in the session cookie, logout and login again should do the trick.

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