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[SOLVED] How-to : Sidebar & Category for Dokuwiki Angua - Vector template
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Andreas (Moderator) #16
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In reply to post ID 32227
Quote by jonb:
Thanks for your quick reply! Here's an example...

As you can see, the sidebar text and horizontal lines overlap into the "main" page.
Interestingly, the "article" tab has moved across ok.
So it looks like I'm missing something.

Really really strange.  :huh:

Quote by jonb:
Here is the entire contents of my vector/user/screen.css...

// Copied from :
// BUT: it doesn't work - the main page is not moved over!

CSS does not allow // comments, you can only use /* ... */. Maybe the browser stumbles upon this. Fix it and call to force a re-rendering. Empty your browser cache afterwards (CTRL+F5 should do the trick for the current page) to make sure it works.

If it is still broken: there might be plugin or stuff overruling the styles. Try to give the hack more weight by using !important. Example:
/* Give sidebar more space. Default: 10em. */
div#footer {
    margin-left: 22em !important;
div#panel {
    width: 22em !important;
#left-navigation {
    left: 22em !important;

Hope that helps.
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jonb #17
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Subject: solved
Fixing the the comments sorted the problem!
So thankyou for being so eagle-eyed and spotting this.
Most impressive.

Best regards

Jon B
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