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Harley Robertson - Intro
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Subject: Harley Robertson - Intro

  I had originally signed up to see if anyone was having the same problem with file permissions that we were, but it turns out that problem was related to something else (Ubuntu crashed and complained about disk errors, and in the process changed the file permissions where doku was stored). Since I signed up though, I thought I'd say hi as I likely will be posting in the future.

My name is Harley and I'm working for a small company in Canada. When I got hired they did not have all of their information stored in the same place, and there was a lot to learn so almost right away I started looking for a way to keep track of it all. I searched for and tried out several wiki software packages before settling on doku.

I ran it on my personal computer (Windows 7, IIS7)for months without a problem trying to get approval to share it, and when that permission finally came we moved it to an older IIS server where the performance was just horrible. We then moved it to our Ubuntu server where the speed is great now, but we keep having file permission problems.

So far I've found it pretty easy to customize doku to meet our needs, and I've created several small plugins already to add editor buttons/etc... The biggest thing I haven't found yet is how to make "unapproved" text show as one color, while "approved" text a different color, which is something that was requested.

I've never created/worked on a wiki much before (just h2g2 when it was new), and I'm hooked now. I want to create one at home, for my contract side business, etc because I just find it so useful at work.

Great job to everyone who's worked on this!
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