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failed install wiped out httpd/conf and conf.d files ! ! !
dokuwiki destroys my system
wlt00 #1
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Subject: failed install wiped out httpd/conf and conf.d files ! ! !
What the heck happened? Followed the instructions on z/Linux and install wouldn't work unless I removed the .htaccess file and then wanted write access to dirs. did that and zip, nothing on the install page now...blank. php now doesn't work at all. look at etc/httpd/conf and conf.d files and they contain output of ls -a commands now.

php worked fine until I did this me
SaThaRiel #2
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Well, the more i read your post the more i believe you did something really weird. Can you explain better where you put which file? Did you create a subdirectory for dokuwiki?
z/Linux sure is different from other linux systems - but not that different. Are you the only administrator on that system? Maybe someone did play around and messed up the files...i really cant think of a situation where you can destroy system files this way other than being on the system...
As youre on z/Linux you sure have a backup. I suggest you restore all needed files like httpd.conf and the other that are messed.
Do you know under which user your http-server is running? Try to make it running under a separate user like www, not root. And do not remove the .htaccess-file, try to fix it to work for you (which sure isnt an easy task).
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