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Crowdfunding template adoption?
ach (Administrator) #1
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Subject: Crowdfunding template adoption?
Since ages I planned to adopt Michael "Chi" Klier's great Typo and Sandy templates.

They haven't been updated since over 2 years. And I think it's a pity they remain unmaintained, because in my opinion they are some of the very few really good DokuWiki templates out there. I would like to upgrade them, i.e. base them on the Starter template (so they will be easier to upgrade afterwards), upgrade to all new features and changes from the last 2 years, and make them responsive (so they adapt to mobile devices).

Although I planned to do this for over 2 years now, I never get around to do it due to lack of time and motivation. I wonder if I could just treat this project like a client project? If a client asked me to do this, I would estimate the upgrade to take 1 day per template, plus half a day to make both responsive. As my standard daily rate is £400, that would make £1000 (2.5 * 400) my ideal price for each template. The minimum price would be £525. (I would not include the responsiveness, reduce the amount of work a bit and reduce my daily rate, i.e. 1.5 * 350.)
[1000 GBP = ca. 1225 EUR = ca. 1620 USD]
[525 GBP = ca. 640 EUR = ca. 850 USD]

Could a crowdfunding crowd be my client? Would you be interested in giving money for adopting good templates? If the response is positive, I would start a project on Indiegogo.
And keep in mind that I am the author of the new DokuWiki template (and others) and a core member of the DokuWiki development team. That is an indication that the template would be upgraded to high quality standards.
Poll: Would you give money for template upgrades? Which templates?
(0 votes ·   0%) Yes, I would financially support both the Typo and the Sandy template.
(0 votes ·   0%) Yes, I would support the Typo template.
(0 votes ·   0%) Yes, I would support the Sandy template.
(0 votes ·   0%) Yes, I would support any decent template.
(3 votes · 100%) Well, I would support some templates, but not Typo or Sandy.
(0 votes ·   0%) No, I would not support any template upgrades.
This poll has ended in Jan 2013 · 3 votes
sancaya #2
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Dear ach,
I think many people are quite satisfied with current "DokuWiki" template.
And I say thank you to all who contributed to it and all other dokuwiki resources.

Many people would probably like if there will be the opportunity to add "fixed position" to the "DokuWiki" sidebar.

I explained some problems with that in another topic.

I wouldn't pay for that myself (I'm not so lucky with paid jobs).
But I can say that there are chances that your contribution will help to create a site for the people who want to discover their inner wisdom.

There are not many good teachers of wisdom these days, and not often the teachings are presented in a clear, deep and concise manner.
I want to develop this situation and anyone who will help in that will increase the happiness of the world and decrease the dissatisfaction.
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