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New Version of S5 (Presentation-Plugin)
Sebl #1
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Subject: New Version of S5 (Presentation-Plugin)

There is a new Version out of the S5-System.
Anybody here, who is able to upgrade the old dokuwiki-plugin?
Don't know, perhaps there are just a view lines to modify.

I have a presentation in 2 weeks, and I would like to use the new features  ;-)
I no good in php  :-/

EDIT: Perhaps I should add, that I'm very keen on the "Incremental display of slide content"  feature. I'm not very sure if perhaps is already included or perhaps it's not yet supportet...
If you look in the source of the demonstration of S5 (not the dokuwiki-plugin), you will discover '<ul class="incremental">' instead of the '<ul>' tag. So for short: that's what I want!
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ach (Administrator) #2
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Version 1.1 of S5 is not really new. In fact, it is the very same version the S5 plugin uses (besides one small tweak). So, "Incremental display of slide content" is theoretically already possible with the S5 files provided by the plugin. But the problem is, that there is no possibility to assign that class ("incremental") to any element at the moment ...
But that should be rather made possible through another plugin!?

Sebl #3
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I've been searching, but without success. I think what I need is a plugin, which will led me add a markup-tag.
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