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[SOLVED]Delete thread in forum?
perhop #1
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Subject: [SOLVED]Delete thread in forum?

How do you delete an thread you opened or mark it as closed/answered in the forum?
Can't find that anywhere
This post was edited on 2013-02-28, 08:04 by perhop.
lupo49 (Moderator) #2
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Not possible as user.
perhop #3
Member since Nov 2012 · 17 posts
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Okay, why?
Will not people answer threads that already as solved then?

For example, I started a thread yesterday that I later on figured out myself, asked a question about something that there were an built in function for. I then want to delete that question or mark it as answered/solved to avoid that people spend time answering something that is already solved
Michitux #4
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If you clearly state in the last post that the problem is solved most people won't answer. If you want to make it even clearer you can edit the original post and add "[SOLVED]" in front of the subject. Deleting the thread might not be the best idea as then other people who have the same problem can't profit from the solution.
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