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Popup for login page
abdulmanan #1
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Subject: Popup for login page

Can we make Login page of Dokuwiki as Popup ? if it so then please guide me how can i make my login page as Popup . now what i find html code in HTML.php

function html_login(){

    global $lang;
    global $conf;
    global $ID;
    global $INPUT;

    print p_locale_xhtml('login');
    print '<div id="popup" class="centeralign">'.NL;
    $form = new Doku_Form(array('id' => 'dw__login'));
    $form->addHidden('id', $ID);
    $form->addHidden('do', 'login');
    $form->addElement(form_makeTextField('u', ((!$INPUT->bool('http_credentials')) ? $INPUT->str('u') : ''), $lang['user'], 'focus__this', 'block'));
    $form->addElement(form_makePasswordField('p', $lang['pass'], '', 'block'));
    if($conf['rememberme']) {
        $form->addElement(form_makeCheckboxField('r', '1', $lang['remember'], 'remember__me', 'simple'));
    $form->addElement(form_makeButton('submit', '', $lang['btn_login']));

        $form->addElement('<p>'.$lang['reghere'].': '.tpl_actionlink('register','','','',true).'</p>');

    if (actionOK('resendpwd')) {
        $form->addElement('<p>'.$lang['pwdforget'].': '.tpl_actionlink('resendpwd','','','',true).'</p>');

    html_form('login', $form);
    print '</div>'.NL;

please help
abdul manan
ach (Administrator) #2
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This seems to be a duplicate post under a wrong subforum. I will close this in favour of
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