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A few questions about files created during DokuWiki runtime
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Subject: A few questions about files created during DokuWiki runtime
o  In  it says that the default changelog name is changes.log.  I see a _dokuwiki.changes file, but not a changes.log.  Has the default name changed?

o   says

The default system path is:
DokuWiki_installation_path plus data/attic plus (optionaly) full_namespace_path plus timestamped_page_name.

Are the namespace path and timestamped page name optional?  I didn't see a way to configure that.

o  The automatic cleanup script in the maintenance page deletes stale lock files.  Are there any consequences of stale lock files?  Do lock files become stale because someone got a lock and then left the page without canceling or saving changes?

o  I'd like to make it so that namespace templates apply to all subdirectories, unless "overridden" by another template.  Is the code shown here:  still accurate for the most recent RC?

o  When I edit the txt files for wiki pages directly, DokuWiki seems to create the proper files in the attic and proper entries in the changelogs.  (Cool!)  Are there reasons not to edit the txt files directly, other than that someone might have a lock on it?

o  What purpose(s) do the ./meta/<pagename>.indexed files serve?  (I'm assuming they just mean that the file appears in the index...)  Can one delete them to force the index to be updated?


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