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Back link list?
Prediker #1
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Subject: Back link list?
O boy how to explain this! My english isnt very good but i will try.

I'm working with the newest standard DW template with on the right middle upper site the 4 icons: edit this page / old revisions / backlinks and back to top, (I name these worktools).
I would very much see there an extra option with this worktool. One who can be manual edit.
I'm working with DW as a database, for exaple i have hundreds of Writers with all of his books and novelles.
It would be extreme helpfull wenn I can edit the worktool with a writers name, wich wil show up in the worktool wit a little expand button behind the writers name. Wenn i click on this expand button it will show me alle the books and all the novelles this writer has wrote. Wenn  I click on a Book, DW has too go too that namespeace.

O boy, is it a little clear, i hope you can understand what i have in mind. I'm not be able to programming it muself (pitty), i'm over 70 years old, so it is too late to learn it.
Please if you answer me, do it please in normal understanding words, i'm dont understand nerd syntaxes.
Thank you for reading this,
Regards Reg
dokufan66 #2
User title: dokuwiki fan
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I would also like a handly backlink feature. I previously had a veryquickwiki server and it was nice to see what pages linked to the current one. The advantage is that you can navigated backwards through the wiki structure without having to tag all your pages or add crosslinks across all your pages.
turnermm (Moderator) #3
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There is the backlinks2 plugin.
Myron Turner
plugins, templates:
molefunk #4
User title: molefunk
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Hi Prediker,

I'm not really sure if I understand your needs, not because of your English (which is more than adequate, by the way), but because I don't know the structure of your wiki. You say you have hundreds of writers, each with many books. So your layout would perhaps be something akin to /writer-name/book-name/chapter-number?

There are several templates with sidebars that you can edit, and there are several plugins that will be able to show a configurable index tree in the sidebar. I have a wiki (albeit with only one author) that counts plenty of books, lectures, letters and audio transcripts (tens of thousands of pages), and what works best for me is to have a good structure with all the relevant links on their "start" pages. That way, I can easily click my way back (back links?) in any place via the breadcrumbs.

I'd be happy to share with what works for me, and also to see how your wiki is laid out to get a better idea of your needs. I'm sending you a pm to get in touch for further correspondence. Maybe we can both learn something from each other?

Hoping this meets you well! :)

Update: Upon revisiting this thread, I realised that it was from long, long time ago, sorry for the late answer! :blush:
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