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Unintended image rotation
Images come out rotated when they shouldn't
catdude #1
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Subject: Unintended image rotation
I'm using Media Manager to upload and create links to jpg files. If my image files are wider than they are tall, they are shown just fine. If they are taller than they are wide, they appear rotated 90 degrees. I looked through the available config settings and didn't find anything that would explain this.

Did I miss something, or misconfigure something?
pop #2
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The fault could lie with the images.

Some cameras produce funny metadata for rotated images. Mine, for instance, indicates that the image should be rotated, but the number of pixels given for the width is still greater than the height.

This causes programs to display the image inconsistently. My DokuWiki, for instance, shows the preview for those images in landscape orientation but the full image is shown in portrait orientation, as it should.

I can observe this behaviour with images made with a Leica.
schplurtz (Moderator) #3
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In reply to post #1
I guess some of your photos were taken with the camera rotated... jpeg image can include an exif orientation instruction. Obviously, something gets confused by this instruction. See
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