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How to run Dokuwiki on a Shared Network Drive
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Subject: How to run Dokuwiki on a Shared Network Drive

I have been thinking of a way to document and collate knowledge within my department onto an easy to use and accessible wiki, and so for now I'm investigating the use of dokuwiki for my purposes.

I have managed to setup dokuwiki on my own computer, but the next step will be to make it available for people in my department.

I have come across two topics which involved running Dokuwiki-on-a-stick, both concluded that it is a bad idea:

I was planning to setup dokuwiki to run within the shared network drive, could anyone point me in the right direction? I am very new to networking and could use any pointers. Thank you very much!
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First off, I'm assuming that the drive is served to other machines by NFS or CIFS (aka Windows shares) and is not directly accessible to multiple machines.

Consider how you interact with DW.  You run up a browser which contacts the web server which runs the DW code and that accesses the disk.  If there are multiple users, then each user runs up a browser on his own machine, which contact a web server somewhere which runs the DW code and accesses the disk.  Therefore: if your DW instance is running on one machine only, then all users can send requests, but only the DW instance accesses the disk.

In detail:
  • Each user's computer runs their browser of choice.
  • One server machine runs the web server and DW code.
  • Each browser then contacts the web server and sends requests.
  • The web server access the files on the users' behalf and returns the HTML page to the users' browsers.

For example, my home system has multiple machines running various OSs (Linux, Windows n, iOS and Android). with multiple browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.  All of these machines can contact http:, just as for any other web product.  Only apache:apache actually accesses the files, all locking is handled by Andi's fine code.

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